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Why isnt CU a disability?

alanthier 10.04.2018 23:08

I have lived with it since about 2008(10th grade) and it has gotten progressively worse since. I wasn't actually diagnosed with it until last year. I break out when A) It's hot, B) when I get hot from activity(not from sweating either, sweat test was negative), C) take a hot shower/bath, or D) Get hot from stress at work because if ignorant co-workers/leads. My body breaks out in hives. Starts from my arms, then my chest, then my neck and face and they are very visible welts at that point. They itch, and then they actually begin to hurt. The fact that work has already "tried" to accommodate me by moving me somewhere "climate controlled"(and the AC doesn't work half the time) and It still makes it difficult to work, is starting to really bug me. I'm already on 4 diff antihistamines, 3 of which cause drowsiness and I have to be careful when I take them in the day, and am lucky if i can even stay awake and focused long enough TO do anything, especially in summer. The heat not only makes me break out, but it flat out drains me in the process. I rarely go out other than to work. I can't even exercise anymore. Best I can do is go out walking at night when it's cooler. I haven't been able to find out a whole lot about getting Disability for it, because I want to know what I need to do to make sure I'm not denied, because my QOL is utter garbage right now. 10 years of progressively worse UC. It's not something anyone should have to live with, or be forced to go out and "deal with it" while working, because it CAN be and IS dangerous to the person who suffers from it.

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