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Urticaria - testing for causes!!

fiona 24.11.2017 17:56

I just found this website - firstly i just want to say that i really feel for all who have expressed their distress on this forum. I was in tears when i read some of your messages. My Urticaria and andgodemia has been chronic for the last 5 - 6 months. While the antihistamines have been fairly effective at suppressing the itch, they do not have any effect on the other symptoms of andogemia and the flu like aches associated with this disease. My triggers are multiple and dont just fit into one catagory. After nearly 4 months of waiting for a referral, the only tests I have been givin by one of the top allergy clinics in London Brompton hospital is a basic skin allergy test which showed a skin response to histamine and a blood test ( i am still awaiting results). I was prescribed a double dose of fenofexedine and told to come back in 3 months. As you can imagine, I was extremely disappointed at the lack of more sophisticated testing. I have been reading so much around the topic and really expected more from a consultation!! I would like to know what kind of diagnostic tests other people have received? Has any one had any effective dietary testing and intervention? Where do I go to get proper thorough diagnostic testing? Who are the lead researchers practitioners in this field? Fiona

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