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Research Studies For CIU?

jrithway 23.01.2018 14:57

Hi there,

My name is Jane, and I've had CSU (CIU) for 3 years now, (started December 2014). I've recently been seen by a new (to me) allergist-Dr. Gordon Sussman, in Toronto, Canada, and he had a research study that was open for patients with Chronic Urticaria, that don't respond to antihistamines (AKA, me!!). Unfortunately, in order to participate in the study, you do have to be off of prednisone for at least 30 days, which I am currently working on, in order to participate (going on day 11, and want to rip my skin off, ugh!). I figured this info could help some other urticaria sufferers, that are located in Toronto, to get some relief.

Here's the link below for some more information.

The research coordinator running the study is looking for about 10 more patients for the current Urticaria Study, but she was saying that they are always doing research for new medications for CSU, so if you're in the Toronto area, there is no need for you to suffer!! (Except when trying to get off of prednisone, lol).

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