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tonisenn 14.09.2016 23:19

Just wanted to say hello. I am new to the group. Suffering with CIU for one year. Its been a terrible yr very depressing and isolating. Docs don't kno whats wrong with me. Dallas dr finally diagnosed me with autoimmune disorder. Still feel like I will never be normal again.

wiggy1der 15.12.2016 06:50

Hi New to the group, just found the website while searching for more info. There is one thing you should never do, and that is allow CIU to make you feel depressed. I decided a few months ago to try to take control of as much of the issues as I could and tried herbal medicines and probiotics that seem to keep it under control a whole lot. The most debilitating thing about CIU is when it comes with that exhausted feeling. As long as I take over 30mg of cetrizine hydrochloride (antihisthamine) and combine it with flaxseed oil or/and acidophilous tabs; it keeps it in check. If I forget to keep up with that regime, unfortunately the welts and hives return. But at least I've found a way to control it.

amy_w 04.10.2017 23:08

Hi all, I have been suffering for nearly 9 weeks now. It started on holiday in the Maldives. It’s so itchy and horrid. Dermatologist started me on 10mg Rupatidine this week with ranitidine and montelukast twice a day also. Not finding the Rupatidine as effective as 720mg fexofenadine. How many days before Rupatidine should kick in? Should I give it more of a chance? It’s only been 3 days but my skin is on fire and I’m covered in wheals and hives. Feeling so miserable

jamerrell 06.10.2017 18:40

Hello. Is this an active group? I have CIU and I'm losing my mind! !

amy_w 11.10.2017 00:14

Yes this is an active group. I’m also going out of my mind itching with urticaria!!!

edna 17.10.2017 17:32

Hey guys, iam Edna from Angola, new to the group. sufering for 12 years, daily. so fed up, please help.

vikings2025 01.11.2017 21:40

Hello. I'm Anthony. I'm new to the group. I was diagnosed with CIU in 2016.

jakko 10.11.2017 23:24

Hi all, i was diagnosed in 2015, the condition lasted 6 weeks, did not appear in 2016, but has returned in 2017 and has been 5 months now with the condition. Tried all the antihistamines, have now applied to get Xolair injections. I have cold urticaria and the warmer weather is better for it. These injections are normally very expensive, can cost up to thousands but fortunately, they are now on my country's medical benefits scheme. Talk to your specialist.

carolyne 18.11.2017 06:18

Edna I feel your pain. I tried not taking my antihistamines for two days, now have bruises from itching

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