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dredre 12.05.2017 17:52

Just need to speak my mind.... Experienced this episode every day and night since November 16 following the birth of my son. Most days I can be fairly positive when dosed with antihistamines. Today is a bad day, nothing is helping. I feel empty and broke... I hate this, no-one understands. I feel so alone

fedup13 12.06.2017 10:08

Dont feel alone I am also new to this I have now had CIU since the end of March I am on 4 antihistamines and prednisone and am fed up even when taking the meds the Dr gives me I break out hives every single day I dont understand how there is no cause and why is it happening I am hypothyroid but Drs do not seem to be running any additional testing other than the blood tests and everything came back negative I have never felt so defeated

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