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Is there a Canadian support group?

sandrae 26.06.2017 16:08

If not how can one be started?

markus 22.09.2017 12:43

This is one of the ailms of urticariaday2017!

Urticariaday2016: You´re not alone

The fourth urticaria day will again take place on October 1st. This year’s urticariaday is all about “You´re not alone”. One in four people is affected once in their lifetime by urticaria. Symptoms are most often present only for a few days or weeks – this is called acute urticaria. However, the disease becomes chronic in many individuals. At any moment, up to 1% of the population suffers from urticaria without even getting in touch with stinging nettles. The wheals and the intolerable itching appear out of the blue and in many cases daily over months or years. 1% sounds little, but 1% is quite a lot! That means that there are around 70 millions other urticaria patients worldwide. That also means: You´re not alone. There are many other urticaria patients in your city and in your country. You might not know them, but they are there. The urticariaday2017 aims to bring this people together. We want to encourage urticaria patients to get in touch with other patients and to join or to found a self-help support group. Encourage others! Tell others, how and where you found help so that other patients have the chance to receive early support.

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