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Functional Medicine finally stopped my Chronic Urticaria

merlsusan 18.10.2016 00:53

I am 65 years old and suffered from chronic urticaria (hives) that started 1 year & 2 months ago. After spending thousands of dollars with primary care doctors, dermatologist, endocrinologist and allergist, I was no better and living on mega doses of prednisone. The prednisone was causing other medical problems. After research I sought out a Functional Medicine doctor and found Dr. Dale Kelly of Sparks. I have been under his treatment since 7/1/16 and I have been free of my chronic urticaria and prednisone since my 2nd week. This has been a life saver for me, not only for the hives, but I have lost 33 lbs. to date and we are working on my thyroid, diabetes and cholesterol problems too.

studat4 22.02.2017 16:46

Hello Merlsusan!--This is SO great to hear! I believe in functional medicine and just sent out an email this morning. We are in search of a cure/treatment for our 20 year old son who is suffering from CIU/Angioedema. Can you tell me how I might go about looking for a functional doctor? And what has this doctor done for you that you feel has been so effective?

smabbott 16.03.2017 16:19

Hello Merlsusan - I've suffered with hives for 7 years then hive-free for 3 years until they came back 6 months ago. I'm under the care of my family doctor, an allergist, a naturopath and a dietitian but still have hives. I'm thinking about seeing a functional doctor so I'm very interested in hearing more about your experience. What did the functional doctor do that rid you of your hives? What was the answer for your situation?

sandrae 26.06.2017 15:24

What is functional medicine?

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