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shelly_r_maree 22.08.2014 02:09

Hi! I am trying to raise awareness out in California, US. Does anyone know if we have a ribbon? Like how cancer has different colors, etc. Or any kind of symbol, really. I have different outlets looking to do a fundraiser, and they are wondering :) Thank you so much!

shelly_r_maree 28.08.2014 01:48

Never mind all of that- I found a ribbon on the ICUS page (white with red dots), and we are taking it and running! We have added it to the list of awareness ribbons online, and are going to make merchandise with it! If any one would like to participate in some active awareness going on, please feel free to join the Chronic Urticaria Awareness Team group on facebook! We are discussing t-shirts, pins, videos, hastags, etc! We are planning big things! :)

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